The tent opens up to 4’4’’ wide and is 4 foot deep, with the total height being 7’2’’ high. Especially when using it to tan yourself and not someone else, it is a kickoff. If you do use an overspray extractor fan, you will most definitely need a tanning tent that has a rear opening for the fan to fit in. The quality of the gun will determine the quality of your tan within a few hours. Which spray tan tent gives the best protection, visibility, and privacy to spray tan? This design is not only unique for a spray gun but also assists in holding it correctly. Overspray extractor fan – An overspray extractor fan will help remove any excess product that does not reach the skin. The solution is sprayed in the form of a mist, and most of the guns come with adjustable spray patterns to allow the smooth and easy application. Any over-sprayed product will collect on the nylon floor, which can be easily cleaned up by wiping it with a damp cloth. Shop MineTan at the official online store for New Zealand. Pop-up tents tend to be the most popular of the choices. GigaTent Spray Tan Pop up Tent Professional Sunless TANNING Pop-up Spraying. The bottom of the tanning tent is 4 feet x 4 feet, with a height of 6 ½ foot. If not in a home, spray tanning guns are also used commercially all day long. The spray gun sends out the solution in the form of an evenly spread mist that has little to no chances of overspray. Shop Equipment . The outlook of the gun is a glossy black and gold, makes it the best spray tan gun combination ever. The sturdy frame folds down easily to fit inside an included nylon carry bag, which is also made with durable materials to not rip or tear with continued use. £1.99 delivery. To help this, the first thing you can do is to keep the swaying speed of your hand persistent. The large window at the top of the tent lets in necessary light for the application, giving you an easy view of the color guide of the spray tan. Spray Tan Solution 500ml 9% or 12% Tan FX *FREE Delivery* fake tan bake gun. A large carry case will also come in handy so you won’t spend too much time trying to fit the tent back in, and you might also find you have some spare space for other accessories. Free postage. These black pop up tanning tents are the ideal solution for mobile spray tan businesses or salons where space is limited and portability is a must. Full Sized Beach Tent/Spray Tan Tent/Children's De . Spray tanning tents are an absolute necessity for those spray tanning at home or with a mobile spray tanning business. Spray Tan Tent (Black) The Best, Bigger Than Others, Folds Easily in 30 Seconds and Has NO Logo On Tent Itself! The absolute best tanning tent is the Thermalabs Professional Sunless Tanning Pop-Up Tent. The cost of setting up an at-home or mobile spray tanning salon can be quite high. Here is a little guide on how to make the best use of your available spray tanning gun. Hanging tents are handy if they remain fixed in place for some time, as they can be fairly tedious to set up. It's portable and easy to set up just about anywhere!! Camilla from Sunless Solutions is joining us in the studio today to give a live demo on how to use the Tan in Tent for the perfect spray tan. On the other hand, if using it on someone else, you can hold it like you’re washing your car. In times of less solution or need of the application, you can just turn the knob to limit the amount of spray. Explore the range of Spray Tanning Equipment from The Professional Spray Tanning Collection by Sienna X, including tan machines and guns, pop up cubicles and spray booths as well as extractor fans and everything you’ll need to offer a premium spray tan treatment. It felt like having my hands on something new to the century. Spray gun: This can cover large areas of the body quickly. Buy Estelle HVLP Spray Tan Machine with Tent from When I first bought this, I couldn’t take my mind off the unique design for a couple of days. Also if you’re using it in a parlor for commercial uses or as an at-home spray tan gun, the lightweight prevents your hands from getting tired and fatigued just by the weight of it. Spray tan gun – There will be no spray tanning done if you do not have a spray tanning gun. A steady motion of your hand coupled with a little bit of attention and calculation on the application will result in the best tan ever! 4.6 out of 5 stars 48. The gun evenly sprays the solution and hasn’t ever made me overspray. This typically happens because of the buildup of the solution in the nozzle or a disturbance in the air flow. I think it’s beneficial when spraying the solution because it doesn’t come directly out of the container. The seams are double-stitched with reliable nylon thread. ECV Spray Tan Tent with Carrying Bag £24.99. If used along with the black fascination spray tanning machine, it also fits like a charm. LA Tanning. Arguably, the best fabric for a spray tanning tent is durable, waterproof nylon. We supply a comprehensive range of professional sunless tanning solutions and equipment. It does not work solely on its own but has to be connected with a spray tanning machine to operate. Spray tan tents are an absolute necessity when tanning at home, and even for those who have a mobile tanning service. This tent will be the greatest addition to your spray tanning set. These designs can be selected based on your liking, place of use, theme appearance and plain looks. Professional spray tanning gun. Spray tanning tents tend to offer enough space for taller people, and for the applicator to have enough space to properly spray tan the person in the tent. Made with an 8-inch anti-rust flat wireframe, the tent will stand the test of time. The inside of the tent can be easily cleaned with a small amount of water and a cloth, and once dry, the tent can be easily folded and packed away into the included carrying bag, which can slot into almost any space. Despite its simple structure, it is stable when standing and is made of fully washable materials making cleaning a snap. Black fascination spray tan gun has always been my favorite. KobbTan Large Deluxe Spray Tanning Pop Up Tent in 1/3 Clear Black Portable Mobile Tan Booth With Carry Case. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Our Spray tanning equipment is fully guaranteed, delivering the perfect tan, every time. Coming to the design itself, it looks more like a fire hose than a gun. New Zealand's #1 Spray Tanning Solution & Equipment distributors! You can twist and turn to different combinations for different times, e.g. Spray Tan Machine Spray Gun Sunless Tanning Gun Kit HVLP System Black 6 - Alba. I've loved tanning ever since I was pretty young. The frame holding it all together is strong but flexible enough to withstand damage and wearing. The Sun Laboratories tent has been made with every aspect of spray tanning in mind. Around the market, guns with unique designs and classy outlooks are widely available and popular. It gives its peak performance with HVLP machine, though. Award Winning Spray Tan Products! The top of the tent has a huge window that allows you to see out, with walls preventing anyone else from looking in. The heavyweight clear top made from vinyl allows enough light in for you to have a clear view of what you are doing, without running the risk of missing any spots. Buy Now THE SCIENCE OF TANNING WORKSHOP Online Training Available Now. $329.00 $ 329. Slide into my DM's on Instagram! Alba. Spray Tan Machine Tent Kit Tanning Spray Gun Professional Sunless HVLP. It is essential to make sure the spray tanning tent you buy comes with a convenient carry bag.
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