Not to mention his work on Om's first few albums. Early recordings by Earth have the same semi-trancy effect on me, but as they usualy exist in 10 to 20 minute doses, they're a bit easier to swallow and digest. The iconic stoner metal band’s first studio album in almost two decades is a twin ode to volume and weed. I'm trying to collect my thoughts as I'm listening and all I can muster are shouted newspaper headlines like "BACKWARDS ECHO SQUELCH GUITAR INTRO OCCURS". Our three pothead friends, whose band is called Sleep, have since been vindicated. And it is, just that, a thing. This is Moses talking to God on Sinai. Worth getting. This album gives off a…gospel-like vibe when I listen to it, and Al just sounds like a God with his general bellowing of his lines. Al Cisneros has vocals that will ascend your fucking soul to the cannabian heavens. Now I'm at 21 minutes. SLEEP - DOPESMOKER REISSUE REVIEW Well we all know who SLEEP is. You'll hear different things in it every time, and every time, it'll leave you needing painkillers because you *will* have a headache after listening to this all the way through, I guarantee it. In the desert a big caravan searching appears, they seem to be searching for their god, probably some kind of "Weed God", who knows? They got me thinking onetime when I was smokin, marijuana users are kind of like Christians in the old times. Dopesmoker is a pilgrimage, an hour-long journey to the heart of the sand sea. The first real change in guitar work occurs at about 14 minutes when the riff stops and an epic solo starts which sounds (like the rest of the solos on the album) like a classic Doom Metal solo and a really awesome one too. There’s so little variation, and even the riffs are lackluster and the overall sound of the instruments is poor. God...fucking...damn. 3.0 out of 5 stars Very much a niche thing. The band launch them selves headlong into the BIGGEST, INSANEST, GOODEST riff maybe in the universe, the bass actually lets the guitar play the bass while it does this relentless 2 note lick, just so that when he decides to join in the riff it pummels you 2-fold. The bass drum is difficult to hear, and the snare has a strange, muted yet echoing quality, which likely ties to production. The zenith of the stoner metal genre? It's hard to describe this album really. Chris Hakius is the backbeat, he's the guy behind Matt and Al, pounding away at the drums with the primal force of a thousand stoned cavemen. The subject matter here is sort of a cross between something from the bible, and stoned ramblings. The myths surrounding the recording of "Dopesmoker" are endless – that the band spent the entire record label advance on amps and hash is the most prevalent, and certainly the most apt. From the heavy, repetitive riffs to the extremely deep vocal performances, this album knows exactly what kind of show it wants to put on; not only that, but it knows exactly how to do it. The Sun is rising. Like everything else in the song, they all sound the same anyway. I wish I was there the day they made up this part, just so I could soak up the genius. Even as someone with ADHD I can sit through the entirety of the album and love every minute, Intro to final solo. The drummer does a decent job, as the song’s backbone, and his chaotic, all-over-the-place style is well0-suited to the music. It would be funny to say that Dopesmoker is not a conceptual album since its whole idea is to achieve one goal. This album is close to my heart and I can zone out of whatever bullshit I'm in and enjoy being in the world of Sleep's wacky weed lore. Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist. The riffs could maybe be a bit more interesting. Sleep's two-track epic "Dopesmoker" is nothing short of epic. I found it. Sonic Titan, the bonus track on the 2003 issue of Dopesmoker from Tee-Pee Records, was a far better addition to the album, and I truly have no clue why Southern Lord would choose not to include it this time around. In addition, the lyrics are ridiculously ambiguous. Some listeners here may find value in its droning as it attempts to create a trance-like atmosphere, but I’d rather hear something that is actually interesting. The next part, no shit, is EVEN FUCKING BETTER. To be honest, this is the only band that in my opinion can be classified as pure stoner doom. Why did someone have to create something so meaningful, yet absolutely unexplicable and formless? The Bay Area … It's not quite the transcendent album I thought it was 10 yaers ago, but it is still very very good, and you can see why people rave about it. The vocals are deep and drawn-out sounding, a really trippy voice. Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2014. Somewhere around this point you don't even know anymore if the band still play the riff from the beginning. Oh man, Sleep’s Dopesmoker, this album is amazing. It starts of with a little looped guitar noise that slowly increases in volume and leads the listener to the first riff. That doesn't happen often This album is like Breaking Bad. There are also a lot of hidden noises you can pick up. Follow the smoke my dudes. Overall though I think critiquing the songwriting kinda misses the point, for one, there are a lot of different sections, and I mean.. FUCKING MOLTEN GUITAR SEEPS FORTH PURE BOILING WISDOM The problem is, Sleep wrote Dopesmoker with the same mindset as most sludge/doom/funeral doom bands do when they write songs that are significantly shorter, around the 10-20 minute mark. Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2013. I have found out that time has no meaning when I start spinning it. The monolith that is Dopesmoker was eventually committed to tape, however, and is fortunately not lost to the world (a fate which has befallen similarly gargantuan projects such as Jodorowski’s film adaptation of the quintessential sci-fi classic Dune). For a few minutes the riff is only building the base for the carriage that will take you higher and further into the trip. They ride on that riff for about 5 minutes, then we drop into a break, and what? You just hear one riff, think that one is amazing, then much later, you hear another one, completely forget the one you just heard and just fucking climax on that and the cycle continues. After which, it’s heads down for another 5 or 6 minutes of outrageous stoner-rock (hahahhaha, this HAS to be about the only band on earth that probably wouldn’t mind the “Stoner-Rock” label) before OH JESUS, BENDY BASS LICK INTO 3 MINUTE FUCKING VOLCANIC META-SOLO. The bass is audible, usually following the guitar. It … If you like stoner, sludge, doom, drone, ambient, noise, or ANYTHING, or just want something downright heavy, evil, thick, and epic as all fuck, GET THIS!!!! The song is admittedly very hard to take in one sitting, but once you finally click with it, you’ll fall in love with it. Now, the main song is something rather out of line. And that's this "album" in a nutshell. Sleep are a band totally unlike any other and even if bearing some similar traits to other bands, their music is comepletely different. I detect no evolution in the sound of Dopesmoker, being stuck on the same riffs for large amounts of time. My favourite part of the song is on side C. Here it gets really religious. Sleep take English and strip it down and streamline it into a form of pure meaning, perhaps only rivaled by Ramglish (if you know what I'm talkin about then you know what I'm talkin about). This song has a strong Black Sabbath felling (I mean come on, 4:14 is just total N.I.B. Everyone who's anyone who likes anything genre with the prefix “stoner” knows Sleep. As with "Jerusalem", this is a deeply immersive work that relentlessly sinks you into its intensely focussed world: the first 10 or so minutes build up the deep driving bass-heavy grind and the solemn, gravel-edged yet intense and slightly aggressive robot vocals (suggestive of iron rimmed with rust) and it's only about the 15th minute that lead guitar breaks away for a brief hurried solo. Just great Doom/Stoner Metal with a great cover. Lots of vocals, but they don't start until 20 minutes in (I'm discounting the live song on here -- it's a great song, but sounds like it was recorded by someone with a cassette recorder under their jacket). There are a few changes, including three admittedly pretty good, long (but a little sloppy) guitar solos, and a soft break at about 41 minutes in. They are the flag-bearers of the stoner metal genre, taking Sabbathean doom and Iommi worshiping riffs and melding them into three amazing albums. Dopesmoker delivers what I think is Sleep's interpretation of a good trip (or I think that's what it is). There's a problem loading this menu right now. It sounds almost completely different compared to the main track on the album and it obviously has a different production value too, because it was recorded live. I don't know the exact minute that the guitar breaks into an endless solo, because I'm listening it on my record player, but this is where it really becomes GODLY. Classic stoner drone that'll hook you deep. QUITE GOOD, IT IS. a riff change? Sleep has never been better. It's truly a shame he retired from music. Well. It's an entity. The lyrics are very mystic and I don't think they have a real meaning but they fit the atmosphere of the album perfectly. Sleep-Dopesmoker 2xLP 180 gram vinyl 1st press: 1,000 Picture LPs 1,500 Black 3,500 Kelly Green 2,000 Clear 2nd press: 4,000 Translucent Dark Purple 1,000 Translucent Blue 3rd press: 2,000 Hasheeshian 2,600 Indica 4th press: 3,000 Black 1,000 Clear Green 5th press: 4,000 Black/Green 6th press: 3,000 Sativa Matt Pike is the new Tony Iommi. Before this all subsides into the calmest, fuck, maybe even most MELODIC piece on the whole album. Stellar. It does not deviate from the slow speed of doom/stoner metal, nor does the heaviness. I understand that this is an elongated and slightly different take on JERUSALEM, but having heard this version my desire to hear the original is a bit lessened. "Sonic Titan" as performed live is a slightly faster track with a more rocky and hardened feel. The lyrics are an amusing mix of marijuana references of God. I'm not going to update you every 3 minutes. Well I finally got hold of DOPESMOKER and found out. Dopesmoker is a masterpiece in my book. This page works best with JavaScript. I like the picture on the cover, though. I know, it is a remake of Jerusalem, but I had already heared the original version and I wanted to try this. Everything about this song is so BIG, it's just non-stop, hypnotic, rolling metal. I think Sleep are vastly underrated, and this is one of their best. The drums also make a great show in the beginning, complementing the guitar in its task of creating a crescendo. His bass on this album doesn't have the effects on it that it did on Holy Mountain, but that's kind of a good thing. It works too, the percussion perfectly in time with the guitars, the bass high in the mix, and the vocals booming over everything. Awesome. Your mind is outwardly thinking “WHAT THE FUCK” and in doing so, takes in absolutely everything. I'm a little reluctant to be effusive about this record, as I have mixed feelings about the lyrics. When played together, the tone is reminiscent of a lawnmower. The music. If you didn’t get the heavy imagery, I’ll just state it for you- IT’S FUCKING HEAVY. It’ll still have you headbanging though, as it is a pretty damn catchy song. They take one riff, and cram it in your brain for 63 minutes and 31 seconds. The dents are minor, but sad to see on a brand new album. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. And in the wake of HIGH ON FIRE and their terrifying rumble I became more and more curious about what I'd missed out on. And some more lyrics. I think I don't even need to add how you can boost the awesomeness of the album even further. Heaviest album ever? The band stumble on, pausing now and again as if to say “yeah, we might finish here”, but of course they don’t, they career headlong into the next stupidly simple but effective riff, the singer’s wisdom forever delivered in this agonizing 1-note melody. What a beautiful slab of heavy, sludgy, riff laden mastery this is. 2015, 2 12" vinyls, Southern Lord Recordings (Reissue, Remastered). Most people would hear this and immediately dismiss it as noise. Slow and heavy, not being eager to lead you to anywhere quickly as if the riff itself is a guide that knows that he has all the time in the universe. Insert a valid review ID. I’ve never tried listening to it on drugs, but here’s what I got from it anyway. That way you can enjoy Dopesmoker the way the Weedians would. A single 62-minute song that is mostly one riff, and that riff is mostly one chord. Listening to it, I feel almost as if I’m in the room with the band as the song is being recorded. It's an experience and every listen is different. The lyrics. After minute three it becomes really roaring and smashing and honestly, if I was to hear it spontaneously while passing around some random place, I would have thought that it is a collapsing mountain. This album consisting of one 63 minute long song might be one of music's most mythical creations. Dopesmoker is definately an experience anyone with a remote liking for Doom should take part in. As far as inducing alternate states of mind and leaving an impression on me... Dopesmoker doesn't. The vocals sound as heavy as the riffs and of course, really stoned. Just one look at the album makes it irresistible. Sleep are stoner-doom gods and have been here since the late 80s. I first heard this album when I was in middle school and I loved it. If there was a 63 minute long thrash song, there'd be probably about 80 million riffs in it. Whether the evolution is profound and striking in the case of the complex, or beautifully subtle, in the case of the minimal, there is always evolution. There are like a handful riffs on the album, they all weigh about 500000 pounds, and they drag on FOREVER. First, the opus itself. Originally released in 2003, following some label issues and prior versions, Dopesmoker is Sleep's final album and a stoner metal classic. Sure some people may find this boring or too long, but that’s probably because just contains so much material that it may be just a bit too much for people to take. And long, of course. His riffs on Dopesmoker are colossal, gargantuan affairs. The singer/chanter, the crushing guitar tone, the "wall-like" bass, the relentlessly pounding drums, the solos... everything. It starts off with a massive riffage. Had a burnt copy that I had been playing for quite a while now. weird. I was introduced to Sleep (and Dopesmoker) by a friend of mine by the name of Bill. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Then, they decide to prove that they’ve taken this whole Black Sabbath-stoner thing to its logical conclusion by blatantly ripping off the Iron Man riff, fucking with it for a few minutes, then discarding it and pummeling you until just after the hour mark, when they FINALLY stop. A fucking time machine. It’s just a struggle to get through the entire song. This album kicks off with said squelchy-backwards-echo-guitar before a ridiculously long (which is probably the perfect length) guitar intro, in which the guitarist manages to repeat 2 cycles of the riff in over 2 and a half minutes. In the December 2000 issue of Spin the album was referred to as "brilliant" and as a "stoner touchstone". You feel like you’re living the journey with this caravan by the end of 63 minute play time of the title track. Dopesmoker was never gonna fly; … Just got back from an hour commute. To finalize the review, I'd like to say I recommend the album to everyone and anyone. Dopesmoker achieves so many things bands would only wish to match. Get this, if you can find it. Make no mistake, you will feel those 63 minutes at times. The drums and the bass- and this is probably where Sleep are so much better than their million clones- are pretty busy and spend a lot of time noodlng around. The definitive Stoner Doom album. Actually a pretty cool effect. I honestly like this more than Holy Mountain all because of the conceptual storyline balanced with the heavy riffage and thick swampy production and bass. Released 8 May 2012 on Southern Lord (catalog no. They practice something that isn't harming anyone, something that can give you new experiences and open new meanings to your life, and both marijuana users and christians are persecuted for what they do, christians moreso in older times than right now of course. There are criticisms, I guess? Lyrics deal with marijuana and Biblical themes. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Thrash-heads would find this very boring. I can't say more good things about Dopesmoker. Sleep has never been better. Prepare for a totally new listening experience because this album sounds unlike anything you have ever heard before. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I had expected it would go off on another level and the musicians (and any remaining listeners, like me) would be raptured into another universe and none of us ever return to report back to MA. The lyrics of the whole journey are what really complements the experience. Sid’s vocal performance on this is also completely different from his bellows on Dopesmoker. Originally recorded back in 1995, it languished in mostly unreleased form until 2003 when Sleep (the unholy trinity of Al Cisneros, Chris Hakius and Matt Pike) finally started getting the attention they always deserved. They were contracted to a big record deal, and recorded this song. You can put this album on when you're buzzed and just hearing it will make gravity seem to double it's so heavy. It's fucking epic, it's 60 minutes long dammit, it has to be epic. The slow repetitive doom style is still in evidence but the music conforms to a more traditional song format with definite riffs. It's the heaviest thing I've ever heard in my life. At about the half hour mark the band start to jam on what’s effectively a 1-note riff until you’re begging for something, anything to remind you what you thought music was until 30 minutes ago. This has, like I said, probably less than 10. “DROP OUT OF LIFE And the song continues to be absolutely crushing for the listener. The album is slow, heavy and takes patience for those not acquainted with the Doom Metal genre. Anyone who listens should consider themselves blessed, so raise a bong and enjoy Dopesmoker. Al is an amazing songwriter too, well to stoners at least. Read and write album reviews for Dopesmoker - Sleep on AllMusic The drumming is slow and is more of a time-keeping instrument (not in the musical way, really) than a percussive assault. Sometimes you just focus on the strung out guitar chords, or the drums that while pounding can feel light and just the right beat at any moment. That makes it METAL. Only heard in a number of editions that never met the band’s approval, Southern Lord and producer Brad Boatright have teamed up with Sleep to finally … The digital copy. It's got less riffs and variations than an average Thrash song, the variations you do get are taking out certain instruments at times, going with a different drum beat, putting in more double bass or one of the many solos. He said it was the most hypnotic piece of doom metal ever recorded. This record is the reason we listen to music. This certainly isn't a record for everyone. It stands out to me as something different, even within its given genre. The one-hour titular track fits perfectly on this record, no matter how unconventional it gets. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2017. Now, we finally get to hear and experience the entire song, along with an unreleased track. It is a masterpiece, it is art and it is a monolith. Dopesmoker, an Album by Sleep. Nevertheless, the vast majority of the song is completely tedious, but not unbearable. It's got tone, drone, and is just massively crushing. Dopesmoker is long for the sake of being long. I also can't stress enough how trippy the vocals can seem, they make it even mor eof a unique experience. It is a really fun ride. Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2018. oh yeah man. This one starts alot like a "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" era Black Sabbath song, with some mid-paced riffage, but that doesn't last long, before turning into a fuzz-bomb at about 50 bpm. It is not monolithic, unless you call plucking the lowest strings on your guitar and bass and letting them ring monolithic. I just tried to do my best explaining to you why this album is so damn good but the last step is up to you, so just get it. If you though are on the fence on whether you should buy this you should listen in a room with a lava lamp, a black light with a cool poster, and something that will give you a good buzz. Dopesmoker is long purely for the novelty of having an hour+ song, in essence resembling a glorified jam session. Reviewed in the United States on March 18, 2019, I tried,I like the heavy sludge...but here's my issue I got bored quickly it seems like the band recorded for 20 seconds and looped into a hour long track going on and on,,,,,,and I listened to another lp with plum colored vinyl,and it's the same thing there I gave it 2 stars that's for the album packaging only, Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2018. It seems built up on a monster of a riff, with really trance-like vocals that are part chant and part growl.
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